Experience Personal Transformation

ReGenesis... Human Remodeling

It's no secret, the fact that you're here reading this and hearing my words inside your head tells me, you want "Change"...

ReGenesis is my special contribution towards helping you totally transform yourself. I will not reveal all of the details on this page, because this is not for everyone. I'll fill you in on the details and if you feel this complete coaching to client system is right for you, then and only then, take the next step.

Who is ReGenesis for?

  • Men & Women who are fed up with their current state of being
  • Individuals who need someone they can trust and confide in...
  • People 45 or older, wanting to badly improve their health inside and out...
  • Those that want to follow a plan that will restore health, vitality, confidence and more!
  • You if you want coaching that is individualized and not one size fits all...

Who ReGenesis is NOT for!

  • Those who aren't good at taking constructive criticism
  • Weak-minded individuals that are negative and refuse to take action
  • Excuse makers and whiners need not apply!
  • Anyone convinced that their current state cannot be drastically transformed...
  • Individuals unwilling to invest, because they can't see their vast potential

Why ReGenesis?

Because there is not another one on one coaching program on earth that has the insight, programming, and dedication to client success that the ReGenesis System by Jake The Body Coach has.

What is ReGenesis?

ReGenesis is a human remodeling project that is performed on and individual basis. The overall objective of ReGenesis is to transform each individual according to their inner vision, on many different levels. ReGenesis is for deep, lasting change based upon an objective that is determined through a series of coaching calls, assessments and plans created by "You" (the client) and Jake (The Body Coach)...Collectively speaking "US" Click here to apply!


How Much is ReGenesis?

  • ReGenesis starts at $12,800

    The better question is, "How much is a totally transformed and remodeled life?"

How Can I Learn More?

Click the button to apply and I'll see you on the other side.


- Jake The Body Coach