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The above photo was taken in 1998. I'm now 55 and on a mission to help others transform their lives... 🙂

This site is here to help Y-O-U if you:

    • Want to lose weight the right way!
    • Are READY to sip from the Fountain of ReGENESIS
    • Desire to have more energy
    • Recognize that the latest fads have not stood the test of time
    • Need accountability and a Plan
    • Would truly appreciate some personal guidance...
    • Tired of being tired all the time
    • Fed up and ready for change
    • Desire to DRASTICALLY IMPROVE Your Health...
    • "Feel like they're getting old, way too fast!"

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Information Alone isn't the Answer?

We all have access to information (in varying degrees)..., but where are the actions behind your thoughts? In most cases the actions are missing. Why?

Because no one is there to hold you accountable. Today that changes! Let me show you my amazing shortcuts, so you can get to where you really want to go... much, much faster...there's a reason I do back flips at age 55 at 220 lbs. I'm super passionate about the human body and how it performs at a peak level.Jake The Body Coach

Stop searching for information, or you'll never get to where you want to go. An average plan with accountability and action, is better than the best information in the world without accountability, and without any significant action! I've got the Master Plan waiting just for you.

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